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" Armed and Ready " the Art and Science of Using Information -- over 65 principles on knowledge, data and the use of information.  Strategic information, Indicators, Timely information and many more chapters... the essence of the phrase "knowledge is power". 

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"The Wealth of Knowledge...              
               is the Information to Succeed..."

" Much of the wealth of mankind has been determined by the control of some certain resource such as land, oil, gold, silver, copper, salt, bronze, steel or even stone.  Great fortunes have been the result of gathering and controlling these resources.  The lesson here is that it is to one's great advantage to pick a resource, learn as much as possible about it and through the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge,  'make it one's own'. 

  Since we can't all be owner's of great fields of the finest wine producing grapes or gain control of massive coal or oil fields, then we must at least in the beginning, search for a resource that is within our grasp.

  Fortunately, there is such a resource and if used properly leads to a more enjoyable, more productive life.  Simply put, that resource is knowledge.

  This handbook introduces the reader to information science, expands on what this actually represents and shows some of the principles involved in order to demonstrate its effective use in the everyday working world.

  Knowledge is a resource that most of us take for granted.  We have access to large amounts of information but seldom know how to isolate what we need or know how to use it effectively.

  The principles found within enable the reader to appreciate the value of knowledge and to apply it in a more sensible manner than before.  It is an attempt to make the art and science of using information 'your own'."

Michael M. Hall / 2017

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" It's All About M.E. "  Debt Reducing/Wealth Increasing formulas -- Teaches you how to invest in yourself.  Teaches effeciency and the profit motive and how to put it to work in your personal and financial life.  Use and teach these principles to your children.  Get the whole family on board with finances.  REII = reduce expenses increase income.

“ Preserve and Protect… “

It's Your Money !

Since writing this in 2001, I have experienced both a layoff and having to quit a job that was making me absolutely miserable and have watched as my 401K took a major dive in the recession of 2008.

I just want to say that there are economic and personal factors that can effect our lives and shake the foundation of our finances as well.   Neither I or anyone else, can guarantee financial stability, for anyone at any level.

What follows in these pages, still holds true.  Setting up a profit account and adding to it is paramount to your success.  And this needs to be your account, not a 401k account.  You need to learn to manage your 401k so as to be able to use it to make a profit.  Learn to sell and learn to convert your holdings to cash, if you don’t know how to do that already.

More than ever, whether you learn and apply the principles in this short handbook, or other principles of finance, from other authors and contributors, the important thing to remember is to put a strategy together that works for you, regardless of where it comes from.

The profit motive described in this book is still a key component in your strategy, as I found out during the 2008 recession, when the market and my 401k accounts took a major dive.

I’ve since learned from that situation and have attempted to take control and protect myself.  Those events underscored the principle of investing in my own accounts.

It’s your money – make sure you know how to manage it and don’t leave that up to anyone else !

Michael M. Hall 2017

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" Seek the Perfect Wave  " Philosophies You Can Live With -- principles techniques and philosophies that help you reach goals, deal with people and make living easier...


Making Sense of it all...

My Goal is to show you and to share with you, a set of principles and philosophies that I use on a daily basis to get through life as well as some experiences.  I am betting that you can use some of these to make your life easier and to add to your ability to enhance and enrich your life.  The overall goal and title of “ Always Seek the Perfect Wave ” is the embodiment of all of these philosophies combined.

           Much of what you read you have probably already thought about within your lifetime.  You just haven’t taken the time to format what you were thinking and write it down.

It is common sense to take a method and try it.  If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.  But above all, try something!

I grew up in a time of free thinkers and writers, artists and musicians.  Though influenced by this to some degree (I think you will be able to tell...) I have been writing all my life and luckily have had the time to capture a variety of these ‘original’ thoughts. They are now here in black and white for your review. 

I have no doubt that you will see some of your philosophies and beliefs in the next few pages and I hope that you agree with and can use some of them. I also realize that you may not agree with some of them and I hope you will take that moment to redefine or come up with a similar principle or characteristic of your own that fits you.

           As far as the title goes, I dedicated fifteen years of my life to surfing.  I spent nine of those years in Hawaii, on or near the North Shore, living out a dream.  Even though I don’t get to the ocean as much, the philosophy remains the same.  I realized later in life that I was doing something I loved and realized that it boiled down to searching for that perfect ride which of course, involves the perfect wave.  That only happens when ‘everything’ is perfect. 

Even though that kind of situation is very rare, this philosophy gives me a major point of reference and a guidepost to try and live a bit more dynamically than usual and I use it every day.

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Handbooks for Life...Better Living through Greater Understanding....
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Handbooks as noted are available in Hard Copy /  EFile ( Word Doc format ) or on Kindle.

" Exercise Your Assets " -- A handbook on How to Improve Your Personal Performance in Life and Increase Your Odds for Success - using the skills and talents you have
(your personal assets) combined with the tools and resources that surround you.

Intro : Hello! and Welcome to Earth…

Let me start out by saying that while you are here, " we want to make you smarter and make your job of living on this planet, a little easier…"  Also, we hope this not only has positive changes for you personally,  but for your family and friends ( your inner circle ) as well.

To do that, we have provided you with what we hope, will be very valuable information and principles, in this informative handbook, that you can always continue to review, and most importantly, learn to apply.

In ' Exercise Your Assets' we try to put the horse in front of the cart so to speak, and show you what is really valuable in terms of assets, both real and personal.  The focus is not on financial assets, but on your assets, to identify them and then 'exercise' them and use them to accomplish your goals.  You (and your Creator) are at the center of your Universe, along with your personal assets, and your ability to use them.

We have captured, written down and expanded a set of observations, principles and techniques, based on experience and understanding of life on this planet.  It isn't a complete solution, but is designed to make you think twice about what you are doing and how you are doing it and then take the time to test out these theories in the real world. 

       In this handbook , we address the following main, basic challenges.

1. Your ability to maintain yourself, your family and friends and your surroundings.
2. Your ability to seek and make a 'profit' in the areas of health, wealth, wisdom & joy.
3. Your ability to do all the things you want to do.
4. Address the truth i.e. that you only have so much time.

We are all in a race against the clock.  The more we  learn, the more we increase our abilities, and more efficiently we use that most precious of assets: time.  One basic principle is: true wealth, lies within, and your ability to understand and develop your personal assets, determines how well you understand and develop the assets outside yourself in the real world. 

Our greatest hope is simply that the knowledge in this handbook, will give you a better understanding of life on this planet, and that in turn will increase your level of awareness and make your life easier.  If by doing that, we can give you a bit of an 'edge' in life, then our mission has been accomplished.

Thank you for your time ! and Enjoy the Journey !

Michael M. Hall / 2017

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" Common Sense Software Development " A common sense, as soon as possible, approach to developing quality software systems.  Can be applied to any area of life that involves planning or project managment.


           One cool November day I was called in to work on a brand new R & D project.  I accepted the challenge and off we went designing and building the future's newest billing and business system.  In the process, the project failed, many mistakes were made and many careers and reputations were put on the line.

           In addition, I have been involved in large, dynamic development projects that  have succeeded.  Even though one project failed and others succeeded, there are common problems that are characteristic of both.

           This manuscript is an attempt at re-defining the approach to software development that not only incorporates efficient design and development techniques but a rational approach as well.  It attempts to smooth out the bumps in the areas of design and development.  It attempts to identify roadblocks and bottlenecks. 

           It proposes a format that keeps mistakes and changes to a minimum and makes these two items easily identifiable and easily correctable.   This 'identification' is part of the software development process and this format prepares the developers for these events in order to minimize the impact.

           This document is always in the 'rough' and any comments, questions or criticism is welcome.  Over time I want to make it as accurate and useful as possible and this is a continuous, never ending objective.

-- Table of Contents and Sample Chapter --

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